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Welcome to J Hubbard & Son


We are a family business which was first established in 1916 by John Hubbard, a mainly livestock farming business from which the traditional forms of hedge laying, coppicing and agricultural fencing have been passed down through the generations. Progressively since the early 1990’s the scale of manufacturing and erecting of fences has increased until we have reached where we are now.

We erect and supply a large range of quality fencing and fencing products specialising in bespoke products to suit everyone’s individual needs. We are happy to tackle any project and over the last 3 years have added to our range wooden structures and buildings, which we are happy to design, manufacture and supply.

We pride ourselves in producing and supplying quality, which we hope, will give you good value for money and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and products.

Our Base
. Maple Field House
Little Beanit Farm
Waste Lane
Balsall Common

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07860 946245

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