5.4m x 175mm x 32mm Featherboard Black

£10.87 inc. VAT each

Whitewood featheredge boards. Pressure treated and coated with Multiflex RDS & K applied with an industrial deluge system.

Kiln dried European Whitewood (Spruce)

Pressure treated to UC3 with Viance Preserve ACQ

Benefits of MULTIFLEX RDS & K black coating.
Microporous low viscosity allows timber to breath.
Low tendency to raise grain provides smoother finish.
Excellent adhesion and penetration prevents peeling and allows movement with timber.
Antimould and fungicide protection against blue stain and mould.

Physical Data

  FLASHPOINT Non-Flammable
  DENSITY 1.25 – 1.28
  VISCOSITY 900 – 2500 cp
  SOLIDS CONTENT 54% +/- 2%
  GLOSS LEVEL Slight Sheen
  COLOUR TONE RAL 9005 Jet Black

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