Carriage Bolt & Hex Nut – BZP

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Cup square carriage bolts DIN603 and hexagon nut DIN934 are mostly used in wood. They are fully threaded upto 150mm, it has a domed top and a square under the head which grips into the part being fixed, preventing the bolt from turning when the nut is tightened.

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Product Features

Domed Head

A domed head bolt with a square anti spin shoulder mainly used for clamping timber or attaching ironmongery to timber.

Hex Nut

Hex nut included.

B Point

B point for use in pre-drilled shallow holes.

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8.0 x 150mm, 8.0 x 100mm, 8.0 x 50mm, 8.0 x 120mm, 8.0 x 55mm, 8.0 x 80mm, 10 x 65mm, 10 x 90mm, 10 x 80mm, 10 x 50mm, 10 x 75mm, 10 x 260mm, 10 x 140mm, 10 x 130mm, 10 x 120mm, 10 x 110mm, 10 x 150mm, 10 x 160mm, 10 x 220mm, 10 x 200mm, 10 x 180mm, 10 x 100mm

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